Thursday, March 13, 2008

Crow Pose

Do crows have something to do with St. Patrick's day? I ask, because I just got home from my yoga class at the community centre, and the room that we always use was decked out with some streamers and cut-outs and pictures and such. It took a minute to pick out a theme, but the shiny pink shamrocks twinged something in my Irish heritage and the pieces fell into place.

It still didn't make sense of everything, though. Some of the doodads were obviously just there for their shininess, like the random cds taped to the windows (good use of a relic of an extinct medium), but one "decoration" left us in a bit of a muddle - a life size model of a crow, wired to the light on the wall right above my friend's head, complete with attack pose and claws out. Freaky, right? Kind of throws a predatory bird-sized wrench in your half back twist when you glance over your shoulder on the exhale and catch a glimpse of a flying rabies-carrier. At the very least, it's tough to hold downward dog while your mischievous buddy is whispering "nevermore!" My friend could tell you: she fell over.

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